This site is hosted by the trustees elected by the majority of the Groups represented in Underearners Anonymous World Service.  

We, the UA WSC Elected Trustees serve unity and the group conscience of the global fellowship. 

We hold our number one role to be supporting the safe space where all can find recovery from underearning and underbeing free from disruption, dominance or governance. 

We are all UA

Donations to the "UA WSC Elected Trustees" Fellowship Account:

Legal Fund Donations

Donations can be made to our legal fund (at using the email address  This fund is aimed at protecting the fellowship, members, committees and groups from the disruptive threat of legal action.  The previous board who have refused to step down as requested by the majority of groups has spent fellowship donations on activities not in service to recovery and has disrupted our recovery space.  This fund is being held to defend members and groups if needed in so far as that action expands the safety of us all.  The hope is that a peaceful resolution can still be achieved.  In that event, we would spend a majority of the money raised to revise the bylaws to protect the future sanctity of our recovery space, and secondly, to restore funds to the ravaged World Service Conference and WSC scholarship funds. 

Legal Fund Donations